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Trees and us

What's more beautiful than a mature tree that has been able to develop to its full potential? Not much as far as we are concerned. Whether such a tree is in the middle of the landscape, in a park, on a square or in your backyard, it will give any place allure and character. Just ask yourself, when you are in a pleasant place, what the same place would look like without trees. Unless you are above the tree line, it will probably be a lot less attractive than with trees.

Trees are indispensable for our well-being and there is a good reason why city parks are full on beautiful days. People feel comfortable in the vicinity of large trees. They offer a beautiful view and provide cooling and shade on hot days. Adult trees provide a nice place to stay. The perfect environment to relax, picnic, play or have a chat. Actually, these oldies have an extremely social function to.

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Sustainable planting

Just as we are now enjoying the trees that previous generations have planted for us, we can also let future generations enjoy a green legacy. It is therefore important to include trees in new plans at an early stage. Not as infill, but as determining elements in the outdoor space.

Unfortunately, this is not yet a guarantee for a long life. Spatial plans can change, which can hinder trees in their development, they can be affected by disease or, in the worst case, they can be cut down before they reach adulthood at all. And this brings us to the sustainability aspect of greenery. After all, old trees are sustainable trees, but many trees that do have the potential do not grow old.

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